Power Your Business With The Sun

BelaSolar helps commercial and industrial clients grow by providing them with sustainable and cost-effective solar energy solutions.

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Location: Minsk, Belarus
Capacity: 990 KWp
COD year: 2017
BelaSolar powering Belarus' leading companies with the sun:

Clean solar energy supports your profitability and environmental goals. Grow your business with the sun!

Choose solar PV power to guarantee your business a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly future, with a solar panel installation PPA:

  • No upfront cost
  • Immediate savings
  • Uninterrupted operations
  • Highest yield in the market
  • Hassle-free energy
  • Clean energy
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

Helping You Save & Grow With State of the Art Solar PV

Learn how your business can reduce energy costs and improve environmental compliance using solar PV technology.

The best part is, with a PPA, there’s no up-front investment required from your side!  

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Solar Energy Empowers Emerging Markets

To date, BelaSolar had delivered about 60,000 kWp PV portfolio across Belarus, including:

  • Industrial, commercial, and government rooftops installations
  • Utility-scale ground-mounted power plants
  • Solar-battery hybrid systems

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So far our solar panel instalations are 230,000 solar panels and counting

230,000 solar panels
and counting

with Over 500 MW under development in Solar Panel

Over 500 MW under development

BelaSolar has Projects across 6 countries for Solar Panel Installations

Projects across
6 countries

Offset carbon with Solar Panel Installation

Offset carbon:
77,350 tonnes CO2-
equivalent reduction

Current power generation:
57,100 kWp

Total energy produced:
109,382 MWh

Is Solar Energy right for you? 

Have you been considering turning to solar power for cost savings and environmental goals, but frustrated by the apparent time and capital required?

We’re here to help! We specialize in creating solar solutions for commercial and industrial facilities. Partnering with us generates immediate savings, and requires zero upfront investment using a PPA.