Solar Panel Installations Facts & Figures

BelaSolar implements, operates, and maintains solar panel installations to the highest international standards, ensuring smooth operations and optimal energy output every day.

We have a proven track record of solar power excellence in 6 different countries in Asia:

So far our solar panel instalations are 230,000 solar panels and counting

230,000 solar panels
and counting

with Over 500 MW under development in Solar Panel

Over 500 MW under

BelaSolar has Projects across 6 countries for Solar Panel Installations

Projects across
6 countries

Offset carbon with Solar Panel Installation

Offset carbon:
38,500 tonnes CO2-
equivalent reduction

Current power generation:
57,100 kWp

Total energy produced:
107, 783 MWh


The BelaSolar Team

BelaSolar thrives on diversity, combining local experience and international expertise.  Our core team is based in Minsk, Belarus and includes executives from 11 nationalities.

We have local representatives in Manila, Jakarta, Dhaka, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur.

Liao Choi, President
Derek is an enterprise developer focused on industrial and infrastructure ventures in Eastern Europe and Asia. He is a co-founder of BelaSolar.
Igor Ignatovich, Managing Director
Igor is an entrepreneur and business development executive with over 10 years of experience in cleantech in Europe, Asia, and the United States. He lives in Minsk with his wife and three sons.
Charles Renar, VP Finance
Charles has more than 20 years of experience as a CFO for fast-growing companies in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He began his career with Total in France and has experience in the private equity industry in the United States.
Stefan Dutel, Head Of Engineering
Stefan has more than 18 years of experience in implementing telecommunications, industrial, and energy projects across the eastern european region. Stefan began his career with Siemens’ telecom business.
Chayasak Isary, VP Commercial & Industrial Solar
Chayasak is Head of Business Development at BelaSolar with 13 years’ experience in industrial sales and marketing in the United States and Belarus. He started his career in the construction industry and has unique experience in the waste management industry as well.
Jitrakorn Chancy, Project Director
Jitrakorn has over 28 years of experience in project management and engineering in the telecom, transport and solar industry. He started his career with Siemens in Belarus and worked on Belarus' first large-scale solar PV plant in 2011.

BelaSolar’s Trusted Partners

BelaSolar’s growth and excellence are supported by a reliable network of globally recognized technical and financing partners: